Looking good has never been as easy as it is now with help from adorable accessories. Concerts, parties, weddings, dates and just nights out with the girls can easily be dressed for with a few tips like these…

  • Dress up your dresses and accentuate your waistline with a western belt. Belts that your hips have outgrown usually work or belts a few sizes smaller than your normal belt size. To dress it up a tad more, buckles can give this a flawless look with no extra leather showing while adding a fashionable piece to your outfit.
  • Speaking of belts, another way to accessorize is with boot belts! (Or what some of us call, “boot bling”) this leather belt wraps across the front of your boot and usually attaches a small chain to each side across the bottom of your boot. You can also use boot bracelets, which are exactly as they sound! They give off a bit of attitude flare, dressing up your boots as well as your outfit.
  • For those of you who may feel extra creative or dressy, go for accessories…for your accessories! Belt tips or accessory sets come with a shiny new buckle, metal tip, and sliding piece. It’s a great way to dress up a belt that was a little dull on its own to make your night really shine. Plate buckles (large n’ flat) can often be more personable, offering a larger range of style to choose from and to match your outfit.
  • Tips are also available for boots. Silver and gold plated as well as two tone tips can be easily added to a pair of boots by a professional on the toe and/or the back of the boot. Get a completely different look from your boots than ever before instead of buying an entirely new pair. (But we can still help you out if that’s what you decide!)